Los números corresponden a la ubicación de la conferencia en la Programación General

5   Construction contribution for Colombia development and competitiveness
Guest speaker - Colombia
56   Lessons learned from the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 in Japan
Hiroshi Fukuyama - BRI - Building Research Institute - Japan
60   Engineering are running very poorly
Luis Guillermo Aycardi - PCA - Colombia
1   Panama Canal Expansion - 3rd set of locks
Luis Carlos Ferreira Kam - Panama Canal Authority - Panama
8   Low-cost Roller Compacted Concrete pavement.
Gregorio Rentería - Gregorio Rentería Ingenieros - Colombia
11   Viaduct in the 9th in Bucaramanga - Uses of high-strength concrete
Sandra Reinaguerra - Holcim - Colombia
13   Accelerated Bridge Program - Replacement of bridges in 48 hourss
Shoukry Elnahal - Massachusetts DOT - USA
18   Expansion of the airport runway da Madeira
António Segadães Tavares - STA - Portugal
29   Interceptor Tunjuelo - Canoes - Using prefabricated segments
Jorge Barragán H. - Consorcio Odebrecht - CASS Constructores - Colombia
32   Concrete Floors and Pavements- Concepts, Trends and Best Practices
José Tadeu Balbo - Prodiconcreto - Brazil
34   Tunnels and Underground Works in Colombia
Jorge Ardila Rueda - Geotuneles - Colombia
38   Implementation of false tunnels as a solution to large cuts
Juan Fernando Uribe - Soletanche Bachy Cimas - Colombia
39   The art in the design and construction of bridges
Manuel F. Carvallo - Figg Bridge - USA
50   Construction of hydraulic concrete ribbon in rural zone in Colombia
Juan Ernesto Velez - Argos - Colombia
54   Megaproject Cali-Loboguerrero (De 30 a 80 Km/h; 14 túneles y 21 viaductos en 13 km)
Juan Gonzalo Molina - Conconcreto - Colombia
Jesús David Osorio - Argos - Colombia
59   Avoid the collapse of bridges by climate change
Gregorio Rentería - Gregorio Rentería Ingenieros - Colombia
7   From Reno to Rio - Projects that inspire  
Anne Ellis - ACI International - Aecom - USA
15   Optimization of underground space in buildings
Klaus Meyer - Sika - Germany
24   Applied pre-stressed concrete in buildings
Carlos Palomino - PCA - Colombia
28   Iniciativa Público-Privada de Vivienda Sostenible
Fernando Mayagoitia - Lean House Consulting - México
37   Manufactured housing affordable to low-income population
Juan Diego Zuluaga - Interpanel S.A. - Cemex - Colombia
45   Comparison of design for buildingsof 6 and 10 floors using different specific resistances in concrete
Jorge Ignacio Segura - Jorge Segura Franco y Cía. - Colombia
David Jaramillo - Argos - Colombia
6   ACI 314.R - Guidelines for the simplified design of concrete structures
Jose M. Izquierdo - Porticus Ingeniería - Puerto Rico
10   Structural design of the Bacata Tower. The tallest building in
Alejandro Perez - Proyectos y Diseños - Colombia
14   Seismic performance of slab-column connections reinforced to shear
Gustavo Parra-Montesinos - Universidad de Wisconsin - Venezuela
19   Some thoughts on the modern design of reinforced concrete structures
Luis Enrique García - Proyectos y Diseños - Colombia
53   Lessons Learned in large-scale trials on a seismic simulator
José Ignacio Restrepo - University of California, San Diego - Colombia
2   European experience in polyfunctional concretes
Davide Zampini - Cemex - Italy
16   Nanotechnology of additives
Julissa Hidalgo - BASF - Puerto Rico
20   Intelligent Concretes (self-curing - Antibacterial - anti-termite)
Roberto Uribe Afif - Cemex - Mexico
25   Concrete for always, high performance and last technologies
Esther Arteta - Argos - Colombia
44   Technological challenges of the concrete: nanotechnology and sustainability
Sonia Rodriguez - Aidico - Spain
58   The evaluation of the concrete: three experiences, one reality
Diego Sánchez De Guzmán - DS Concretos - Colombia
Lina Cure - Argos - Colombia
3   Green concretes - A contribution to sustainability
David Jaramillo - Argos - Colombia
12   Ultra Optimal Green Concrete
Diego F. Velandia M. - Argos - Colombia
21   Recycling of concrete at the Atlanta airport
Carlos Sánchez - Precision 2000 - Colombia
23   The genesis of Concrete - Concrete Sustainability Hub
Cesar Constantino - MIT CSH - Industry Focus Group - PanamA
27   Sustainable chemicals
Claude Bedard - Euclid Toxement - Canada
33   Green Sense Concrete
Richard Tyler - BASF - Italy
36   Practical recommendations for the sustainability of concrete pavement
Thomas Van Dam - CTL Group - USA
49   Uses and possibilities of recycled aggregates
Alexandre Guerini - Cemex - France
42   Housing model. Management proposal
Diego Sierra Franco - Colombia Society of Architects - Colombia
43   Concrete in Contemporary Architecture - Architecture for social service
Ruy Ohtake - Brazil
48   Enrique Norten/TEN ARQUITECTOS: recent work
Enrique Norten – TEN Arquitectos - Mexico
57   Latest projects of Alonso Balaguer and Bacata Tower.
Sergi Balaguer - Alonso, Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados - Spain
Joaquín Oleastro - Alonso, Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados - Argentina
22   New techniques and materials of last generation for rehabilitation of concrete structures
Paul L. Kelley - Simpsom Gumpertz & Heger - USA
26   Beware of pathology studies - Not everything is as it seems and may not be demolished
Ramón L. Carrasquillo - Carrasquillo Associates, Ltd. - Puerto Rico
31   Rehabilitation of "The Rock" - Alcatraz Prison
Tanya Wattenburg Komas - California State University - USA
35   Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Maracana Stadium
Enio Pazini Figueiredo - Federal University of Goiás - Brazil
40   What about the rehabilitation and reinforcement studies in Colombia
Harold Muñoz Muñoz - Ingeniería y Patología de Estructuras - Colombia
9   Cut-Off walls for dams - News and Rehabilitation
Maurizio Siepi - Galante S.A. - Trevi Group – Italy
52   Soil freezing and injections of compensation settlements in urban tunneling
Guido Pellegrino - Grupo Terratest - Italy
46   High performance prefabricated in pipes In Jacking
José Joaquín Martínez - CONSORCIO CICE Interceptor Norte Río Medellín - Spain
51   Prefabricated segments for tunnels in concrete with fibers
José Antonio Collazos - Bekaert Dramix - Perú
55   Precast Concrete Bridges
Moisés Olivares Martín - DOL Diaz Olivares López - Spain
4   Scheme of Public-Private participation in infrastructure
Irene Arias - IFC - International Finance Corporation - Spain
41   The executive Samurai requiring companies in the XXI CenturyI
Jorge Noriega - Colombia
17   Construction Machinery and Equipment
30   Achieving a true White Box
47   Reflective floors, an alternative to save energy
Euclid Toxement
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